From the Author:
This is an esoteric manuscript. The chapters are more a revelation of the Work that I love, than they are an intellectual or academic approach. The Author believes the latter to be a dead end street. This small work is about applying sacred ideas, not about describing them.

 From Chapter 10, Initiation:
All true initiation is Self-initiation. You will get help but you have to work for it. There are two initiations: The first one is the realization that you are not 'IT,' an eye-opener of great value. In fact, without this initiation, which is a process, Work becomes impossible. The second initiation is the expression of the individuality, which is in the Causal-body, in our three dimensional reality. This one is only possible when "I" incarnates in "IT", which is also a process. The first initiation will help you pass the first threshold, and the second one will help you pass the second threshold. I have spoken about the thresholds in earlier chapters.


The first initiation is mainly to be taken by practicing the theory of this Work. It is by practicing Work-ideas that we gain experience. To come to an experience there must be a balance between theory and practice. Thinking and doing must come together in a unity of experience. Only three-centred experiences will do as food for our Reason of Understanding