Beech Hill Publishing was primarily involved in publishing scientific books and several high quality scientific journals, Gerodontology and Experimental Aging Research between the years of 1975 and 1995, as well as books relating to Maine and the history of New England. In 2012, after almost  20 years out of the business, we began to feel the time was right to publish again. The decision was made to chart a new course, with the aim of also publishing materials of esoteric and spiritual import. The question, of course, arose as to what to publish first, in the second incarnation of the company.  Rather than acquire publishing rights to materials already previously published, it was decided to wait for the right original work - something new, and relevant to the needs of the times. In the late summer of 2013 we received a manuscript from Ocke de Boer's American editor, Susan Dent Aronson.  Upon reading the manuscript, we not only realized we had found the book we wanted to publish, but also recognized we had received a very unique piece of writing which did not tread the often predictable and heavily traversed roads of this particular genre. The material struck us as direct, yet subtle, while providing much to ponder.  As such, we are pleased to announce the forthcoming publication of what we feel is an authentic esoteric work.